Amazon Starts Trial of Pay-by-Palm Device

Tired of walking around with your pockets full of change, or always forgetting your purse or wallet? No problem, just pay with your palm.

That could be the payment method at Amazon Go stores if trials of its new technology in Seattle, Washington, are successful.

The technology, known as Amazon One, is a “free, contactless service that lets you use your palm to pay, enter or identify yourself,” according to its website.

The product, which is being tested at two Amazon Go stores in Seattle, will allow customers to enter their credit card information and cell phone number, then scan their palm or palms for details like size, lines and patterns.

The details are then used to create a unique palm signature.

Once customers have their palm signature, they can pay for goods with their palm by holding it over a payment device. The technology will also allow customers to use their palms as a type of ID to enter Amazon Go stores.

Amazon says it will treat palm signatures the way it treats any other personal information.

And if customers no longer want to use the service, the company says it will delete their information. It will also be deleted if they don’t use an Amazon One device for two years.

Amazon says it wants to use the technology in all of its Go stores after its trial in Seattle, and hopes other companies will use the service.

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